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Female domination society

In most animal societies, members of one sex dominate those of the other. Is this, as widely believed, an inevitable consequence of a disparity in strength and ferocity between males and females? Not necessarily. A new study on wild spotted hyaenas shows that in this social carnivore, females dominate males because they can rely on greater social support than males, not because they are stronger or more competitive in any other individual attribute. The main reason for females having, on average, more social support than males is that males are more likely to disperse and that dispersal disrupts social bonds. Spotted hyaena females are often portrayed as archetypes of powerful and ferocious females.
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6 Modern Societies Where Women Rule

Female domination society
Female domination society
Female domination society
Female domination society
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This Female-Dominated Society In Brazil Is Looking For Men To Join - MTV

A lot of Women do live without men. They are known as Lesbians and they seem to be increasing in number and percentage of the Female population. This is not too surprising as Women gain more independence and power more of them discover that they really don't need men for very much. In time science will even eliminate the need for males for reproduction. Lesbian couples will be able to combine their DNA artificially to produce all Female offspring. Undoubtedly some Women will still prefer to have men around but only in a subordinate roll as servants and sex toys. Frankly I think that would be a much better world than the one we have now.
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How female hyaenas came to dominate males

Matriarchy is a social system in which females most notably in mammals hold the primary power positions in roles of political leadership, moral authority , social privilege and control of property at the specific exclusion of males — at least to a large degree. While those definitions apply in general English, definitions specific to the disciplines of anthropology and feminism differ in some respects. Most anthropologists hold that there are no known anthropological societies that are unambiguously matriarchal , but some authors believe exceptions may exist or may have. Matriarchies may also be confused with matrilineal , matrilocal , and matrifocal societies. A few people consider any non- patriarchal system to be matriarchal, thus including genderally equalitarian systems Peggy Reeves Sanday favors redefining and reintroducing the word matriarchy, especially in reference to contemporary matrilineal societies such as the Minangkabau [1] , but most academics exclude them from matriarchies strictly defined.
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By Anil Ananthaswamy and Kate Douglas. THE vast majority of cultures are patriarchies, where men are more likely than women to hold positions of social, economic and political power. So it is tempting to assume that this is the natural state of affairs, perhaps because men are, on average, stronger than women. Chimpanzees are not a proxy for our ancestors — they have been evolving since our two family trees split between 7 and 10 million years ago — but their social structures can tell us something about the conditions that male dominance thrives in. Common chimpanzee groups are manifestly patriarchal.
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